Veal fillet with a celeriac puree, saffron oil and a port jus (Serves 8)

vealVL600 Veal Fillet 1 – 1.5kg (4 Ptns each) | 2

For the puree
VW122 Celeriac app 1kg piece | 1 (1.2kg)
DY232 Milk Full Fat Case 6 x 2Ltr 800ml
DY254 Fresh Past Whipping Cream 4Ltr  | 40g
DY149 Kerrygold Creamery Butter Foil Case 28 x 454g Pack | 50g

For the Saffron Oil – Serves 20
VW154 Shallots Banana 4/5kg Case | 80g
VW160 Garlic String 500g | 5g
SP144 Saffrons Strands 5g Pack | Pinch
OL323 Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil x 2 ltrs. | 150ml
SP146 Sea Salt Large Refined 1kg Pack | 10g

For the Jus – Serves 30 approx
VW154 Shallots Banana 4/5kg Case | 250g
VW160 Garlic String 500g | 15g
AL304 Port – 1 Ltr | 200ml
G129 Brown Veal Stock Case 2 x 1.5kg | 1 Ltr
Z160 Redcurrant Preserve 3.5kg Bucket Follain (GF) | 150g
HB102 Fresh Herb – Thyme 100g Pack | 10g

HB191 Sakura Mix – 2.2kg Case approx | 20g
HB102 Fresh Herb – Thyme 100g Pack | 10g


1. To prep the veal fillet, trim the meat and then roll tightly in cling film, rest the fillet overnight.

2. Trim the fillet into 200g portions and set aside.

3. For the puree, peel and dice the celeriac. bring the milk to simmering point and add the
celeriac to the pot. Simmer until tender. Blend the celeriac to a puree, along with the cream and butter. Season well.

4. To make the saffron oil, sweat off the shallot and garlic, add the saffron and then the
remainder of the oil. Simmer gently for 5 minutes then add the sea salt and allow to cool.
5. To Make the jus, sweat off the shallot and garlic, add a little thyme, followed by the port.
6. Reduce by two thirds then add the veal stock and simmer to a sauce consistency.

7. To serve, seal the veal fillet and cook until pink in the middle. Spoon the puree into a teardrop on the plate. Drizzle some jus along with some of the saffron oil onto the plate.