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Bar Snacks


Biscuits Frozen

Biscuits/Cake Slices - Ambient

Bouillons/Stocks - Ambient

Bread/Breadcrumbs/Stuffing Mix

Breads Frozen

Butter and Margarine

Cakes & Desserts - Frz/Chill

Cereals and Rice

Cheese - Artisan/Farmhouse

Cheese - Commodity


Chicken Cooked & Smoked

Chicken Raw

Coffee - Beans & Grounds

Confectionery Ambient

Cooked Deli - Beef & Pork

Dessert Ingredients & Toppings

Desserts - Custard/Mousse/etc

Dried Herbs, Spices, Aromas

Duck & Goose

Finger Food & Appetizers Fzn

Fish Delicatessen Tinned

Fish Frozen

Flour, Yeast, Baking Mixes

Fruit - Jars/Tins

Fruits Dried

Fruits Frozen

Hot Cocoa & Drinking Chocolate


Ice Cream, Sorbet, Fzn Yoghurt

Jam Marmalade and Honey

Juices and Smoothies Bottled

Lemon Juice for Cooking

Liquid Milk & Cream Products

Milk Products Tinned/Dry

Nuts & Nut Products

Oils & Fats

Paper & Disposable Goods

Pasta Dried/Fresh

Pasta Frozen

Pastry & Baskets - Ambient

Pastry & Baskets - Frozen

Pates & Terrines - Chill Other

Pizzas/Dough/Bases Frozen


Pulses & Seeds

Purees, Fresh/Ambient Fruit

Ready Meals Ambient

Ready Meals Chill/Frozen

Restaurant Equipment/Supplies

Sauce, Condiments, Marinades


Soft Drinks and Juices

Sugars & Sweeteners

Syrup Flavourings

Tea - Loose Leaf & Bags

Tortillas & Wraps Frozen

Vegetables Frozen

Vegetables Tinned

Vinegars & Dressings