Responsible Irish Fish on the menu with Pallas Foods

At the announcement of Pallas Foods’ partnership with Responsible Irish Fish (L-R) Damien Turner, Fisherman and Responsible Irish Fish Member; Tadhg Geary Commercial Director Pallas Foods; Maria Broderick Seafood Category Manager, Pallas Foods; Frank Fleming, Fisherman & Founder Member of Responsible Irish Fish Association.

Pallas Foods has recently become the first foodservice company to implement the Responsible Irish Fish Programme. This programme is designed to support the Irish fishing communities and promote sustainable fishing practices in the Irish fleet. The Responsible Irish Fish Label will also come to denote superior quality, traceability and freshness. Eight types of seafood are currently available under the Responsible Irish Fish scheme including hake, haddock, whiting, monkish, mackerel, ray, cod and prawns.

The new label for fish and shellfish has been introduced to ensure Irish fishermen can differentiate their products as 100% Irish in the market place, with all seafood bearing the Responsible Irish Fish logo being fully traceable back to an Irish vessel. Purchasing Responsible Irish Fish labelled products will help maintain jobs in the Irish fishing fleet and the Irish seafood processing industry. The label will only be available to processors who source fish from Irish vessels which are part of the Responsible Irish Fish Association, giving consumers confidence in the origins of the seafood they are eating and reassuring them that it was caught responsibly.

Pallas Foods committed to sourcing Irish wherever possible and are delighted to be the first foodservice company to support the Responsible Irish Fish Association. The scheme will help to protect and develop the industry by protecting employment particularly in the fishing sector in Ireland. According to Maria Broderick, Seafood Specialist ‘We will continue to work with the Responsible Irish Fish Association to grow the partnership, as we know from our customer research that shoppers are keen to buy fresh Irish produce whenever possible and this new seafood scheme will provide them with the products and reassurance they want’.

Speaking about the partnership, Frank Fleming, on behalf of the Responsible Irish Fish Association said; “We are delighted that Pallas Foods are supporting Responsible Irish Fish initiative, which helps Irish caterers access Irish-caught and Irish-processed seafood. Our partnership with Pallas Foods will allow 
their foodservice customers to offer this quality Irish seafood which supports locals jobs and will give locals businesses an edge in the market’.