Pan seared breast of chicken with an apricot and bacon stuffing (Serves 10)

chickenCC393 Chicken Supreme Skin On 200-230  x 25 | 10
CM267 Sliced Prosciutto Ham 250g | 10 slices (160g)
BR203 Apple & Apricot Stuffing Case 6 x 225g | 550g
BC123 Unsmoked Irish Bacon Lardons 1kg | 50g
HB109 Parsley Flat Leaf 100g | 5g

For the mash
VG703 Potato Medium Prepared 5kg | 600g
VW154 Shallots Banana 5kg Case | 60g
VW160 Garlic String 500g | 5g
DY232 Milk Full Fat Case 6 x 2Ltr | 10ml
DY149 Kerrygold Butter 28 x 454g | Pack 40g
VW145 Scallion 12 Bunch per pack | 1 bunch

VG842 Tender Stem Brocolli 2kg | 50g



To make the stuffing:
1. To prepare the bacon, bring a pot of water to the boil, blanch and refresh the lardons, then pat dry. Fry the lardons in a little oil then set aside. Blanching the bacon results in crispier lardons.
2. Add the lardons and the chopped parsley to the stuffing, taste and season.
3. Split the underside of the chichen breast and fill the pocket with the stuffing. Close the split, covering the underside with the inner fillet.
4. Wrap the breast in a slice of the prosciutto ham.
5. To cook, seal the breast in a little oil, then finish in an oven at 180 degrees c for 10-12 minutes until cooked through.