The organic Trust

Pallas Foods works in partnership with The Organic Trust to ensure that all the ‘Organic’ labelled products we supply are produced in compliance with strict organic standards, ensuring that the integrity of the ‘Organic’ label is maintained. The Organic Trust is responsible for organic inspection and certification, and helps to provide consumers with confidence in the organic origins of the food they are purchasing. The Organic Trust was founded in Ireland in 1991 as a voluntary non–profit making organisation by a core group of dedicated organic producers, including some of the earliest pioneers of organic production in Ireland.

The overall mission of The Organic Trust is to maintain the integrity of food labelled as ‘Organic’ and to assure the consumer that organic food carrying The Organic Trust’s logo has been produced in compliance with strict organic standards. The organisation is also dedicated to providing a broad range of 100% organic food products for consumers on the basis of quality and affordability.