Pallas Foods is delighted to partner with the inspirational Dilmah tea company. Over the years we have developed strong relationships with Dilmah’s founders and we continue to support their truly ethical and sustainable business model.

Whilst retaining the heritage of a small Sri Lankan family company, Dilmah has successfully grown to become a Top 10 global tea brand, and the No 1 brand from a tea origin. In May 2011, the Dilmah brand celebrated 23 years in business, and 62 years of tea making by its founder, Merrill J Fernando.

Dilmah operates on a unique philosophy, believing that every business must operate in symbiosis with the community and the environment. The company promotes humanitarian service through the MJF Charitable Foundation and environmental sustainability initiatives through Dilmah Conservation. The activities of the MJF Foundation are broad, with projects from post–tsunami livelihood rehabilitation to education, women’s empowerment, prevention of abuse against women and children, village reawakening and entrepreneurship development, among others. Dilmah Conservation promotes environmental conservation and sustainability initiatives, and fosters enduring connections with the land and communities in which they operate.

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