Bord Bia

Pallas Foods works with Bord Bia to promote and develop the reputation of Irish food within the Irish food service sector. Bord Bia certified meat, poultry and eggs are promoted in our marketing communications and positioned as delivering the highest quality assurance and traceability standards.

Pallas Foods liaises with Bord Bia to transmit market and industry information to customers to suppliers, highlighting trends and assisting Bord Bia in their role of developing Irish businesses to enter and prosper in the food service market.

In October 2010 Bord Bia and Enterprise Ireland, in conjunction with Pallas Foods, launched a Supplier Development Programme aimed at increasing food service sales for Irish food suppliers. Recognising the value and importance of the ‘out of home’ market, the inaugural programme involved 10 small or emerging food processing companies with a wide range of product offerings. The programme was designed to assist these companies to achieve the service standards, product quality and innovation necessary to achieve product listings in the food service sector. The food service market has become increasingly important for Irish food suppliers and offers significant potential for new entrants. However, it remains a more challenging environment than retail, and is fragmented and extremely diverse. The partnership was designed to assist suppliers to overcome these challenges. The program has been a success, and four of the companies have achieved  listings with Pallas Foods while others are preparing to enter the food service market for themselves. Pallas Foods continues to support subsequent Bord Bia Supplier Development Programmes by providing insight and feedback to participating suppliers.

Two thirds of all products sold by Pallas Foods to the Irish food service sector are manufactured in Ireland. We recognise the importance of the food and drink sector to the Irish economy and are proud to support smaller food producers with the potential to bring new and innovative products to our business. We incorporate the Bord Bia quality assurance symbol into the packaging and marketing of approved suppliers and denote other Irish producers with a shamrock symbol, to ensure ease of identification for our customers.

Pallas Foods will continue to work with Bord Bia to promote Irish food and beverages within the catering industry.