Our Suppliers

Our suppliers are central to our success. We work to develop long–term partnerships with our suppliers and to implement business development plans which will strengthen both our business and that of our suppliers. Pallas Foods has an extensive national distribution network which provides efficient access to the food–service market the length and breadth of the island of Ireland.

We work to help build the strength of our suppliers in many ways:

Our purchasing department investigates market viability, conducts competitor analysis and advises on pricing, packaging and formatting. When a product is listed, Pallas Foods will conduct regular product training with our sales teams, develop a marketing and promotions campaign and work with suppliers on achieving the required service standards to become a Pallas Foods partner. Category Managers work with our suppliers to implement category development strategies, introduce new products, develop marketing plans, educate our customers and grow our suppliers’ sales.

Our accounts department helps suppliers to develop administrative efficiency and implement a fully traceable and accurate order and invoice management system.

Our quality assurance department advises suppliers on the standards required to be a Pallas Foods supplier, and if necessary we will work with them to develop their plant and processes to achieve the necessary specifications. Pallas Foods has developed partnerships with many Irish producers and manufacturers who are now trusted suppliers within the Sysco brand family. Their products are produced to the highest specifications, and we conduct regular physical plant audits to ensure they continue to meet our exacting standards so our customers can be assured of peace of mind.