Fish Goujon Burger with a lemon and caper mayo. (Makes 20)


fishFS898Z Breaded Lemon Sole Gougons 5 x 1kg | 3 kg
BR449Z Corn Topped Bun Case 48x72g 4.5cm | 1
MS135 Kenny’s Free Range Real Mayonnaise 10Ltr | 500g
Z509 Capers Mini in Vinegar 1kg Plastic Bucket | 50g
FW179 Lemons 100 Per Case | 2
HB109 Parsley Flat Leaf 100g | 20g
HB242 Rocket (Rocolla) Loose 1kg | 200g



1. Deep fry the goujons until golden and cooked through.

2. Combine the zest and juice of 1 lemon with the capers, parsley and mayonnise, mix thoroughly.

3. Toast the bun.

4. Place the goujons onto the bottom of the bun.

5. Top with the rocket, then a generous amount of the lemon and caper mayo, followed by the
top of the toasted bun.

6.Serve with salad or fries.