Chafing fuel issues? Meet the Eco-burner solution

    Designed to be the perfect ‘drop-in’ replacement for gels and wicks, it overcomes all of the problems associated with heating chafing dishes by traditional methods. The patented safety features of the eco-burner Chafo means it is safer, greener and cleaner. It gives greater control and removes waste unlike traditional gels and wicks.

    The Eco-burner Chafo:

    • Will shut off if overturned and does not spill
    • Remains cool to the touch throughout service
    • Shuts off completely if water pan runs dry
    • Lights first time every time

    Eco-burner can help contribute to your properties environmental initiatives. An independent report from Carbon Footprint in the UK has confirmed that compared to traditional gel and wick chafing fuels, Eco-burner delivers a 75% reduction in carbon emissions.

    Usage Emissions (gCO2e)

    Eco-burner: 119g
    Industry Standard (Methanol Fuel): 375g
    Industry Standard (Ethanol Fuel): 526g


    Over a twelve month period we have been using the Chafo for our chafing dish requirements. We have identified a cost saving in excess of 40% through the elimination of wastage of part-used gels/wicks. In addition to this, every hour of fuel in the Chafo is used and provides substantially more heat at a lower cost. Relative to traditional gels and wicks the Chafo is cleaner, significantly safer and service levels from Ecoburner are consistently high.
    Dominic Macken, Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa




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    Eco-burner Chafo Burner
    1 Unit
    • Chafo Burner Unit
    Eco Burner Fuel 448g
    6 Per Case