Irish Hereford Prime Beef

Irish Hereford Prime Beef has gained worldwide recognition as one of the most succulent, tender steaks available on the global market. Every cut of Irish Hereford Prime Beef comes from cattle reared primarily on a grass based diet; not only do Irish Hereford Prime steaks taste superior, they are low in saturated fat, high in vitamins and minerals, and always Ultra Tender.

According to Denis Murphy, Meat Specialist with Pallas Foods ‘there is a fantastic reaction to Irish Hereford Prime beef, with customers commenting on the superb juicy flavour and the exceptional tenderness of the meat’. This is no doubt owing to the fact that all ABP/Pallas Foods steaks are independently and frequently tested for tenderness, flavour and juiciness; this guarantees the steaks provided are of the highest quality and taste – consistently.

ABP select Irish Hereford Prime Beef from approved farmers who must meet their requirements for a consistent and continuous supply of product all year round. This allows ABP and Pallas Foods to provide well priced, quality beef to our customers, whenever they need it (regardless of season).

At the core of the Irish Hereford Prime Beef taste is ABP’s patented Ultra Tender Process; this process is pioneered by ABP to create the most tender and consistent beef on the market (*Ultra Tender is a five stage process of electrical stimulation, hip suspension, hyper-stretching, chilling and maturation which produces a superior quality, consistent product all year round).

Furthermore, Irish Hereford Prime Beef is now verified by DNA TraceBack – a scientific measure to ensure authenticity and therefore product quality – all Hereford beef supplied by ABP and Pallas Foods can be scientifically traced from restaurants, back to the original Hereford animals on specially selected farms.

Endorsements from Irish and International Chefs

Irish Hereford Prime Beef has a global reputation built on the unique quality of its distinctive and delicate taste, defined by the meats finely grained marbling. Some recent endorsements include:

Jean Paul Jeunet. 2* Michelin Chef
“I have been offering Irish Hereford Prime to my customers for several years now. I wanted to offer an exceptional meat product which is why I have chosen Irish Hereford Prime beef over all others breeds; this is due to its exceptional taste and tenderness which is further enhanced by the Ultra Tender maturation process. My visits to Ireland have confirmed to me the supreme quality of the meat having had the opportunity to visit the Irish Hereford Prime farmers themselves, who are very proud of this quality product.”

Ashley Palmer – Watts, 2* Michelin Chef
“The thing I really like about Irish Hereford Prime Beef is the use of old farming methods and values yet a modern attention to detail to the end of the line.”

Irish Hereford Prime Beef has received global awards over the years; in a recent global taste test in Germany, Irish Hereford Prime Steak was chosen as the clear winner ahead of New Zealand Wagyu beef, Argentinean Angus Steak, Angus fillet from USA, Florentine steak from Italy, Charolais fillet from France, Bison from USA and Simmental beef from Germany. Irish Hereford Prime Beef has also received many awards from Irish establishments.

  • Best Steak in the World AWARD
  • Food Writers Guild Awards
  • Blas na h-Èireann Awards
  • Great Taste Awards

About the Irish Hereford Prime Beef Producers Group

Established in 1997 by Irish breeders and beef producers, Irish Hereford Prime was initially set up to expand the market for Irish Hereford Prime beef. With the support of the Irish Hereford Breed Society, a dedicated Hereford beef producer scheme was put in place. This group has grown steadily since 1997 due to the proactive nature of the group, the progressiveness of farming members and an unrivalled market demand for Irish Hereford Prime from Irish and European markets. Now with over 2,000 members throughout Ireland, Irish Hereford Prime continue to drive the supply and demand for the superior quality Hereford beef.

Working with the ABP Food Group, in partnership with Pallas Foods ensures that Irish Hereford Prime Beef product is available throughout the year. All Irish Hereford Prime Cattle are sourced under the BLQAS scheme.

All Irish Hereford Prime cattle are sourced under the BLQAS (Beef, Lamb, Quality Assured Scheme), and are Bord Bia Approved.